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Artists Unchained is an artist led initiative to: harness the features of P2P to empower artists to distribute media direct to the public, to ensure artists retain full copyright in their work, to always give artists an alternative to signing restrictive contracts, to allow the public to enjoy artwork without paying up front, to allow the public to support artists via direct patronage.

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Make a donation of 1 or more Euros

arrowClick this button! Use this Pay Pal button to donate funds to the Artists Unchained 'war chest' in Euros. The page this button takes you to is a proper Pay Pal hosted page with full encryption (notice the little padlocks that show up in your browser when you click it).

The donation page will accept Pay Pal transfers, or credit/ debit cards. For more information on Pay Pal please read: What is Pay Pal?

War Chest

The site, domain registrations, and hopefully the bandwidth are already covered, so why do we need a war chest?

The War Chest will allow us to;

Your cold, hard earn cash will support Artists Unchained in fighting the good fight and taking this memeplex to the masses. It's a complete folly, and utterly hopeless, but we are going to do it anyway. Never know, maybe this system is the one that works where so many through out history have failed!

It can't remain this way forever, sooner or later it has to change. It must change.


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