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'The praise that comes from love does not make us vain, but more humble'

James Matthew Barrie

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Quick: Go to your favourite artist's site, find their download page and click on the magnet link. This launches your installed P2P client and downloads the zip file via P2P. Leave the zip file in your share folder so others can grab a copy too. Unzip the contents of the zip file into a folder of your choosing (i.e. your media library folder for example). If you like the artist's word; nip back to their website and make a donation. All done.

Did this make sense to you? If not read on;

Details: This is where you can find all the information you need to locate files being distributed legally via P2P with the artist's consent. You only 'pay' if you really want to show your appreciation of the art you have downloaded. If the artwork is not to your taste or liking, you do not have to pay and owe no money whatsoever.

If you just do not want to part with your hard earned cash, or are unable to pay: no harm done. You can still support an artist you like by leaving their official files in your P2P software's share folder. If you really dislike the artwork - scrub it.

NOTICE: This is an artist initiative. Until an artist releases their work via this system, it is still illegal to download over P2P unless you obtain their permission. If, and when, an artist does release their work via this system: only their officially sanctioned zip file will be legal to download and share via P2P.

System Overview

How to use the AUS as an Fan

Starting up

In addition to a PC (or Mac) with the usual default software (browser etc) you will need the following;

Fan resources


Finding a file

Locate the artist's official web site and navigate to their download page. On the download page there will be a number of P2P links along with a description of what the files linked to are. The artist may also include links to preview material, or full material on You Tube or My Space. Have a look at the descriptions, sample the previews, and pick the P2P link you want.

Make sure the link is the correct type for your P2P software (check with your software's help files)

P2P software

Simply click the link to want to download. If you have P2P software installed on your computer, the OS will ask if you wish to launch the P2P software. If already running P2P software the link with transfer to your P2P software and start downloading (may take time to find sources)

Compression Software (to Uncompress)

Files distributed via P2P using the guidelines of the AU initiative will be compressed into zip files. You can find the zip file in your P2P shared folder. Uncompress the zip to your media folder (or any folder you choose as long as it is not the P2P share folder). Please leave the zip file 'as is' in your P2P software's share folder. Do not remove it just yet (your licence depends on it).

Enjoy the artwork. Once you have experience the artwork your can then decide on your next options;

Credit or Debit card

Show some love: If you like the artwork, go back to the artist's official web site (the one with the official P2P links) and make a donation. All donations go directly to the artist (or their manager). Any donation is welcome .Obviously the more people involved the more your donation is split between them. Generally a $1 an artist is a good start - this doesn't count all the others involved, it is just a quick head count to get an idea. As a fan you can devise some arcane formula (stick you formula on your blog! You can also pay for each aspect you liked (good for movies). If you are feeling generous;

At the end of the day it's your choice, these are figures plucked out of the air that seems 'fair' for a person in a rich nation. Every little bit helps and if you only want to give $1 it is welcome, as $1 from a person is a poor nation is a huge sacrifice. If you are mega-rich and want to splash out $200 or $2,000+ to support your favourite artist then do so - it really is your choice. Even just hosting the file as a Pro-fan is more than enough real support.

Pay pal

On the donation page there is the option to log into your Pay pal account (if you have one), and pay via Pay pal. Paying direct using your Pay pal account to transfer money to the artists Pay pal account means no charges are made by the Pay pal service, and the artist gets the full amount of your donation.

Mobile Phones: If you have a mobile phone you can 'activate it' in order to send money from your Pay Pal account, using Pay Pal mobile. This enables you can pay on the go, so you do not have to use a work or public computer to pay when out and about. On a night out you can leave a 'tip' after a particularly good gig, buy sending money to the performers.

All done

We at artists unchained and on behalf of all the artists distributing media in this way hope your experience has been a pleasant one.

Donate to the cause: [button goes here]


Pro-fan: Fans who leave the zip file in their share folder are 'promoter-fans'. These Pro-fans are actively supporting the artist via hosting of the zip file, they are using their machine as a 'art-server'. These are the people who are the front line troops of the artistic revolution.

Pro-fan activity is 'profanity' :-p Seeing as vulgar actually derives from 'common' it seems appropriate: 'common' people helping other 'common' people in creating a new and real culture (in a counter culture bad=good type of way.)

Art Server: Using P2P software and broadband to host an artist's zip files. Providing storage of these zip files, forming a node in a highly redundant world spanning P2P art distribution network (art will survive a nuke blast!) and protecting those files from government oppression.

Artistic revolution: The next revolution.

Industrial revolution > Technology revolution > Artistic revolution.

Building on the success of the previous two revolutions. Putting control and distribution of art back into the hands of people, and allowing people to collaborate from all over the world in creating new art. Leading to a world community of infinite diversity.

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