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Artists Unchained is an artist led initiative to: harness the features of P2P to empower artists to distribute media direct to the public, to ensure artists retain full copyright in their work, to always give artists an alternative to signing restrictive contracts, to allow the public to enjoy artwork without paying up front, to allow the public to support artists via direct patronage.

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No data mining

This site does not use cookies or collect any identifiable information about you in any way.

The web site does collect web statistics (as do all sites) but that's about it.

No lock in

The system is designed to be open and fair without locking you in, and no registration is required to use the system as presented here on this web site.

No Spyware

As the system can be implemented with software of your choosing, any spyware infesting your system would be a result of your choices. We strongly recommend using software that does not contain spyware.

No Spam on P2P

The AUS uses magnet links which combats spam on P2P networks. Using magnet links means you do not have to do a search within P2P, you search via a search engine for your favourite artist's website (or obtain a link from a friend of fellow fan), find the magnet on their download page and off you go.

No Worries

As the system is 100% legal, and this site just details the system, it is highly unlikely law enforcement will be interested in anything that goes on here. Obviously they can have our web logs if they really want them, but there is no database of users.

Artists: Any links to artists sites is supplied 'as is'.


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